by Windom R

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The Pilot obtained contact. “This is Dwight, on ship,” he said. “We’re entering the defense zone at high velocity. Don’t fire on us.” “Turn back,” the impersonal voice came through the speaker. “You’re not allowed in the defense zone.” “We can’t. We’ve lost control.” “Lost control?” “This is an experimental ship.” Gross took the radio. “This is Commander Gross, Security. We’re being carried into outer space. There’s nothing we can do. Is there any way that we can be removed from this ship?” A hesitation. “We have some fast pursuit ships that could pick you up if you wanted to jump. The chances are good they’d find you. Do you have space flares?” “We do,” the Pilot said. “Let’s try it.” “Abandon ship?” Kramer said. “If we leave now we’ll never see it again.” “What else can we do? We’re gaining speed all the time. Do you propose that we stay here?” “No.” Kramer shook his head. “Damn it, there ought to be a better solution.” “Could you contact him?” Winter asked. “The Old Man? Try to reason with him?” “It’s worth a chance,” Gross said. “Try it.” “All right.” Kramer took the microphone. He paused a moment. “Listen! Can you hear me? This is Phil Kramer. Can you hear me, Professor. Can you hear me? I want you to release the controls.” There was silence. “This is Kramer, Professor. Can you hear me? Do you remember who I am? Do you understand who this is?”

WINDOM R “Polyphonic Dreams”
WINDOM R “Monophonic Reality”


released January 30, 2017



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